Artist: Daniel Byrd

04|06 Daniel Byrd

Atlanta fine art painter & muralist Daniel Byrd rides an extradimensional rollercoaster of ribbon of light and shadow, weaving a mazework of roads and reeds.

A celebrated muralist with permanent installations at his alma mater SCAD here and abroad, the paintings are often characterized by a trompe d’oeuil with breathing room but no loose ends. His style and process is intricate and painstaking, with the viewer left wondering where to begin, as if there’s an on-ramp to Byrd’s mobius.

As his art evolves, so too do noodles and helices stretching and growing uncomfortably closer in a petri dish of conflicting color. When the artist is at peace, it seems, he finds comfort in revealing floral patterns out of knotted yarns, or mandala shapes emerging from gridlines. Later, he chaotically contorts networks of neon tubing.

Artist Daniel Byrd, Round 4 – Square 6, Stacks Squares Mural Program, Cabbagetown USA

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