04|05 Marge Radford

Mural painter, graphic artist, and erstwhile interior designer Marge Radford works with bright, colorful and exciting patterns and shapes that transform spaces into funky reflections and fresh vibes.


Running her own business, she has sought the freedom to create her own mark on indoor/outdoor spaces through the meticulous use of tight angles, geometric shapes, and deft compositional contours. Challenging expectations with perspective and lines.

Eclectic and fun, Marge strives to unlock her clients’ personalities through unique design products and patterns that complement their homes. Her mural work tends toward prismatic arrays of rainbow hues or bold interlocking bars that command attention and highlight architectural features.

There’s a retro aspect to Radford’s style that dabbles in an 80’s laser pastiche of coin-op arcade deco, zany like candy and serious as circuitry. However, even at her most playful, there’s a sense the colors were couture collection. Linear, level, balanced, peaceful and warm; but bubbling with joy.

Artist Marge Radford, Round 4 – Square 5, Stacks Squares Mural Program, Cabbagetown USA

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