05|01 Adela Pons Atencio

Illustrator and Graphic Design Adela Pons has been drawing anywhere and everywhere her entire life.


Putting art on all available surfaces may be responsible for Adela getting in trouble as a little girl, but became a successful career in her adulthood. Born and raised in Venezuela, she is currently based in Atlanta.

Pons says she her passion is driven by music and social issues, and inspired by being among other creatives. Her style is fun and colorful, often drawings cities, kids, and puppies. Using digital tools to keep her workspace tidy, her crisp lines and palette of dramatic contrasts give her work a strong impact.

Clever and sharp, she shares one of her favorite tips for a fun creative exercise: “Draw shapes all over a page of your sketchbook, and try to come up with creatures that would fit in those shapes! Its kind of like seeing shapes in the clouds, and it’s great for your brain.”

Artist Adela Pons, Round 5 – Square 1, Stacks Squares Mural Program, Cabbagetown USA

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